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The Big Island

Every island has a different personality and soul – but among the six major islands, one truly stands apart. With its cultural diversity, natural beauties and dramatic terrain, the Big Island is the epitome of a natural and luxurious lifestyle.

Big Island Ola

The Island of Hawaii is 4,000 square miles with a population of 200,000. Hilo is the capital of Hawaii County with the largest population and the highest growth rate in all the Hawaiian Islands. The north-east region of the Island Hawaii is known for its favorable climate with cooler temperatures in comparison to other parts of the island.


City of Hilo

Home-port of a healthy and quality lifestyle

With its large and growing population, Hilo is a reinvigorating island capital. It sports a major airport, several hospitals and major shopping areas. There are a multitude of tourist attractions all within a short drive from Hilo with direct domestic and international flights.

Hilo Sunset

Hilo is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable cities in the US. It is also home to one of the campuses of the University of Hawaii, state-of-the-art technology at the Hilo Medical Center, Home Depot, Target and 3 shopping centers.

It’s a great place to visit, but even a better place to live.

Driving in Oldtown Hilo

Once a sugar-producing hub, Hilo’s historic downtown is lined with old wooden store fronts and unique early 1900s architecture. This lively bay town is filled with boutiques, art galleries, museums and restaurants.


Events in Hilo

In April, Hilo hosts the annual Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, a week-long festival with the best hula dancers among all the Hawaiian Islands come together to compete.

Every year on the 11th day of June since 1871, Hilo hosts the Kamehameha Festival. It’s a national holiday that celebrated the kingdom of Hawai’I honoring the memory of Kamehameha the Great (c. 1758-1819). King Kamehameha integrated the Hawaiian Islands and became king in 1810.

In October, Hilo hosts the Hilo Way Finding Festival, this festival celebrates the ancient pacific celestial navigation, and historic sailing feats used for centuries by the Hawaiian Natives. 

In November, Black and White Night is the biggest annual strolling party with streets filled with live music venues, fashion shows, treasure hunts, free local food and author & artists receptions. Everyone dresses in black and white and there is a “Best Dressed” contest that takes place at the end.

Hilo Facts

Hilo means “twist” in Hawaiian.

The world’s largest processor of macadamia seeds, the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation is headquartered just south of Hilo.  The company was named after the Mauna Loa volcano, and is a subsidiary of The Hershey Company.

Hilo Farmers Market

The first inhabitants arrived in Hilo around 1100 A.D, coming from from the Marquesas Islands.  They brought Polynesian traditions and knowledge.  It was on Captain Cook’s third voyage that he landed in Hawaii in 1778 (on Kaui), paving the way for an influx of westerners to the islands. Within one year, warriors at Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island killed Captain Cook

Hilo is in a tropical rainforest climate and has a total area of 58.4 square miles.

Hilo is the oldest county in the Hawaiian archipelago. Some great points of Interest include Kalakaua Park, East Hawaii Cultural Center, Lyman Museum, and Haili Church.